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Is Charles an Effective Driving Instructor? His Clients' Reviews Say Yes!



No matter whether you come from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, Charles' clients' complimentary comments compel your consideration of commuting to Lismore!

Driving instructor reviews show that the quality of driving instruction varies. Often greatly.

These driving instructor reviews show that personality, dedication, qualifications, length, breadth and depth of experience and professionalism are what make a driving instructor effective. 

16-07-26 Your frendly patient and professional driving instructor


Mishra Lee:  "Charles is very professional … He made learning fun for me … Charles is a great [driving] instructor … I passed my license test first time."

Gabriel Sanchez: "Very informative [driving] instructor who goes into a lot of detail regarding customer's strengths and weaknesses … It's not just a driving lesson[. I]t is a lot of fun and improvement is seen QUICKLY."

Marrilyn S.H. Tong: "I passed my test only after a handful of lessons from Charles and with flying colours (got 1 point away from full marks)! He is such an amazing teacher[. He] knows how to make me feel more calm while driving. I even actually find that he makes driving fun!"

Paris Ambrose:  "Upon completing this course, I passed my licence test with flying colours and an extremely high score! … Driving instructor Charles has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to teaching one to drive from start to stop, from the very basics to gently guiding you through an extremely effective and sensible Dynamic Defensive 'low risk' driving course."

karl thomas:  "The best driving instructor i have had … i got my red Ps first go with a 100% pass mark"

Cameron Boyd:  "He is a calm, friendly [driving] instructor … [He] has helped improve my driving skills greatly. He helps hone all the skills required to be a safe driver,"

theninz0r:  "Charles is an excellent driving instructor and teacher! I found it easy to talk to Charles and understand his teaching methods through his wonderful teaching structure which has improved my driving skills more in 5 weeks then I have in a year."

Digi Bot:  "I am thoroughly impressed with Charles' teaching methods and dedication. The detailed instruction and lessons have given my son a much clearer understanding of the how to's and why's of driving."