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Getting to Lismore and back for your learn to drive holiday is easy, whether you're from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. This page will help you book your travel and accommodation. Any problems? Ring Charles on 0412 22 3333.

Getting to Lismore: Plan Ahead

You'll save money getting to Lismore by planning at least 6 – 8 weeks ahead. The fares quoted below are some six weeks ahead of the departure date. They do not include any surcharges applicable to public or school holidays.

Getting to Lismore by travelling from Brisbane? Book your Premier Buslines bus here.

Getting to Lismore by taking off from Melbourne's Tullamarine AirportBooking with Jetstar lets you fly direct to the Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport in Ballina. Take a taxi to Ballina's Tamar St Transit Centre, then the Premier bus for the short (30km) trip to Lismore's Transit Centre, then a taxi to Melville House.

Getting to Lismore by flying up from Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport direct to Lismore Airport? I'm sure Rex Airlines will welcome your booking.

All you'll need to pack is an overnight bag with a couple of changes of clothing and toiletries. But don't forget your Learners/Drivers Licence, your logbook (if you have one) nor your mobile phone (charged and with charger and credit)!

In Sydney and Melbourne you can catch a bus or a train to the airport, checking in at least an hour before boarding. In Brisbane, head for Level 3, Roma Street Transit Center to catch your Premier bus direct to Lismore's Transit Centre.

I suggest you allow an extra half an hour's commuting time for Murphy. (Murphy's Law – "If anything can go wrong, it will.")

The schedule suggested below is the one which seems to me to offer the least confusion and inconvenience and the most economy. That is not to say, of course, that you should adopt it. You are more than welcome to do your own research. You might wish to start, as I did, with BYOJet.

If you're flying up from Sydney, I will meet you at Lismore's airport. If you're flying from Melbourne or bussing from Brisbane, I will meet you at Melville House next morning.

Similarly for your return. If you're returning to Sydney, we'll finish your learn to drive holiday at Lismore's airport. Going back to Melbourne or Brisbane? We'll finish up late in the afternoon before departure day at Melville House (unless otherwise arranged).

I fully appreciate how important it is that I provide you with the most enjoyable and effective learn to drive experience possible. I am deeply conscious of how much trust a learn to drive holiday demands. So I assure you that I will do my utmost to ensure your Lismore learn to drive holiday is the best it possibly could be.  


Location   Transport Type    Service/Flight No.    Time   Cost


Depart Brisbane Premier Buslines PM 11 13.00 $41
Arrive Lismore     19.00  
Depart / Arrive Transit Centre Taxi     2 x $10 = $20
Arrive / Depart Melville House        
Accommodation Melville House   3 days 3 x $60 = $180
Depart Lismore Premier Buslines PM 42 10.45 $38
Arrive Brisbane     15.00  
        TOTAL: $279


Location Transport Type Service/Flight No. Time Cost


Depart Tullamarine Airport Jetstar JQ 464 10.15 $99
Arrive Ballina/Byron Airport     12.15  
Depart Ballina/Byron Airport / Arrive Tamar St Bus Terminus Taxi     $20
Depart Tamar St Bus Terminus Premier Buslines PM 41 14.10 $11
Arrive Lismore Transit Centre     14.50  
Depart / Arrive Transit Centre Taxi     2 x $10 = $20
Arrive / Depart Melville House        
Accommodation Melville House   3.days $180
Depart Lismore Transit Centre Premier Buslines PM 42 10.45 $11
Arrive Ballina (Tamar St Bus Terminus)     11.25  
Depart Tamar St for Ballina/Byron Airport Taxi     $20
Depart Ballina/Byron Airport Jetstar JQ 465 12.50 $125
Arrive Tullamarine Airport     15.00  
        TOTAL: $486


Location Transport Type Service/Flight No. Time Cost


Depart Kingsford-Smith Airport Rex Airlines ZL 316 7.00 $159
Arrive Lismore Airport     9.15  
Depart / Arrive Lismore Airport Taxi     2 x $20 = $40
Accommodation Melville House   2.days 2 x $60 = $120
Depart Lismore Rex Airlines ZL 333 16.05 $159
Arrive Kingsford-Smith Airport     17.25  
        TOTAL: $478