Stop distressing. Start de-stressing.


Chill. Mellow. Come & have some FUN in warm and sunny Lismore! Enjoy some client-centered, stress-free, cruisy, laid-back, relaxing driving lessons! 

Lismore may be Australia's best place to take a learn to drive holiday!

I – and most Lismorians – love Lismore. We call it “Lovemore”. I think you'll love Lismore too. Next to Sydney and Melbourne it is the next most popular place to take a 1 – 2 day holiday. If you choose to take a brief learn to drive holiday in Lismore, you'll come to love Lismore too!

Lismore is quite small in area. The east side of its low-lying centre is bordered by relatively steep hills. Its city centre is very busy – and hazardous. Its streetscapes therefore invite and encourage a clearly structured learn-to-drive progress. Taking an Australian learn to drive holiday in Lismore with the Professional Driving Consultancy will maximise your comfort, safety and learn-to-drive efficiency.

I am a laid-back driving instructor. A calm driving instructor. A relaxed driving instructor. A patient driving instructor. And a friendly driving instructor. So I help stressed, worried or anxious learner drivers to chill out, calm down, relax, enjoy and have FUN! Stress-free driving lessons, laid-back driving lessons, relaxing driving lessons – FUN driving lessons – start off on (and with a free drive to) Lismore's readily accessible lightly trafficked roads. They progress through moderately trafficked suburban streets onto (ultimately) more heavily trafficked multi-laned roads. Then hazardous city central business district streets. 

If you're a nervous learner driver yearning for fun driving lessons: come to Lismore!

There is one critical reason for taking a learn to drive holiday in Lismore.

Lismore offers the single greatest amount, variety, intensity and immediacy of contrast between 'city' and 'country' of any place I have ever visited. I call this the "city-country contrast". I believe the 'city-country contrast' is the most difficult aspect of learning to drive.

This is the pivotal reason why taking a learn to drive holiday in Lismore so deeply underwrites the deep skills of dynamic defensive ("low-risk") driving.

Add to that

      heaps of nearby winding, twisty, hilly and, often, narrow and (immediately after rain) potholed roads.

  Rous Road - for Dynamic Defensive Driving in DSG's intensive driving course. 

.     architected roundabouts.

16-07-27 Architected Lismore roundabout - not met at driving schools Melbourne, driving schools sydney nor driving schools Brisbane.


   .     semi-suicidal pedestrians.

   .     intensely crowded and hugely hazardous CBD streets.

   .     lengthy school zones. 

   .     curiously and inconsistently marked roadworks zones. 

   .     eccentric multi-laned roads. 

   .     frequent (and often heavy) rain.

   .     and its topographical shape of a central basin surrounded on its east side by 170m high hills!!


 Lismore is the perfect environment to enjoy a learn to drive holiday!

Civic Assets

A learn to drive holiday in Lismore offers you an extraordinary number, type and diversity of opportunities to do and to experience.

This gloriously beautiful Regional Centre (merely 1% the population of Sydney or Melbourne) boasts

•    Southern Cross University – whose redoubtable academics are disproportionately quoted on the ABC.
•    NSW’s biggest Regional hospital – Lismore Base Hospital.
•    NSW's only Regional mental health facility.
•    Lismore's 10-day Tropical Fruits New Year Festival (completely complementing Sydney’s Mardi Gras).
•    Lismore's famous Lantern Parade (in which, for over 20 years, Lismorians have marched to defend every woman’s right to walk free, especially after dark).
•    the occasional Country v. City League game.
•    some of the most comprehensive baseball facilities in Australia.
•    the heritage of cultivating the early careers two of Australia’s most outstanding cricketers – Doug Walters and Adam Gilchrist.
•    one of the most intensely varied ecological environments I’ve ever seen anywhere; and
•    a magnificently extraordinary diversity of cultural heritage – anchored by our ancient Bundjalung Nation: one of Australia's most redoubtable.

Where You Can Stay

Any learn to drive holiday needs to offer value-for-money comfortable accommodation.

Whether overnight or for a few days, both Melville House (Bed and Breakfast) or The New Tattersalls Hotel (Inn) offer outstanding value for money. Melville House is about a $10 taxi fare from the CBD. The Tatts is in the CBD.

Feel free to compare Lismore's accommodation facilities. 

Things to See

Taking a learn to drive holiday in Lismore offers so much to experience.

With an accompanying driver/facilitator, you can visit many charming, picturesque and historic villages, all within 30km of Lismore’s CBD. 


Driving schools Brisbane, eat your hearts out. Nervous learner drivers: take a learn to drive holiday; relax in fun driving lessons in Australia's 'alternative capital' with a professional driving instructor.

became famous for hosting the Aquarius Revolution back in 1973. Its Mardi Grass Festival* continues to advance the increasingly endorsed – yet still deeply resisted – promise of individual and, thereby, cultural liberation. The Channon holds its equally locally famous Craft Market every second Sunday of the month. Dunoon's dark green macadamia foliage is unforgettable. Open Corndale gives way to rainforested Rosebank on the winding and twisty back road to Mullumbimby and Byron Bay.

Hospitality is offered on a back road at the historic Eltham Pub. And again, via Clunes, at restaurant-laden Bangalow. Or you may wish to divert through Nashua to Eureka and Federal, thence to Byron Bay

You might take a lazy drive to Ballina via Lindendale and, by turning left at Wollongbar, down the escarpment to the beautiful riverside road from Teven. Return via the winding Riverside Road on the banks of the Richmond River through the canefields to Wardell. Cross the highway to pass through Meerschaum Vale and Rous. Then to Lismore via Chilcotts Grass and the tall-treed Rous Road entering Goonellabah

Maybe you’d like to touch an ancient indigenous base at the sacred Bundjalung Bora Ring via Wyrallah. On to Woodburn? Or divert rightwards to the old river port of Coraki and onward to bustling Casino. Thence to Lismore via Spring Grove (scroll left) and Caniaba. Or via Bentley (recently famous for its anti-CSG camp) and Tuncester.

Lismore Tourism Centre offers an extraordinary and riveting description of just how many deeply beautiful environments and experiences one of our World’s greatest Paradises offers.

And Destination NSW (“the lead government agency for the New South Wales (NSW) tourism …  sector”) offers descriptions and links to 40 diverse, contrasting and interesting places in and around Lismore.

Things to Do

Lismore Regional Gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday from to 4.00 pm. 

Intending to take up University study? Southern Cross University hosts events for secondary students and teachers. Or just want a FREE swim or workout? Maybe you're up to meeting practised student nightlife?

Lismore hosts many cultural and sporting events covering almost everything imaginable.(Not bad for a community of some 45,000 people – just 1% that of Sydney or Melbourne!).

See what's showing – and book online – at Birch, Carroll and Coyle'.s modern Cinema Complex

Lismore is home to TWO theatre companies: NORPA and the Lismore Theatre Company

We even have our own Lismore Symphony Orchestra. For more information (including upcoming events) phone 02 6628 5361 or email

And, believe it or not, for almost 80 years, Lismore has had its own Museum.

As well as its Botanical Gardens.

Notable restaurants in Lismore include: 

(All of these restaurants are open for dinner, have had at least 3 TripAdvisor reviews, rate at least “above average” and are arranged in TripAdvisor's priority order.)

The Loft (Comprehensive)
Trattoria Pagotto (Italian)
Palate at the Gallery (Comprehensive)
Banzai (Japanese)
LaVida (Italian)
Miss Lizzies (Comprehensive)
La Baracca (Australian)
Raamons Pizza (Take Away – opens ‘till late)
Fire in the Belly (Gourmet Pizza)

20,000 Cows (Gourmet Vegetarian)
The Black Sombrero (Mexican)
Indian Mumtaj
Lismore Gateway Motel (Australian) (open till late)
Yings (Chinese and Thai)
Little Nonya (Malaysian and Chinese)
Mandarin Palace (Chinese) (open til late)
PJ Thai
Mary Gilhooleys Hotel (Australian)

Lismore’s Nightlife

Lismore Workers Club
Lismore Workers Golf Club

Lismore Workers Sports Club
East Lismore Bowling Club
Mary Gilhooleys Hotel

The New Tattersalls Hotel
The Richmond Hotel
Hotel Metropole (formerly Cocktails Nightclub): 98 Keen Street, Lismore 2480. Phone: 6621 8177

I find it hard to imagine another Australian community of some 50,000 people with so much to see, to do and to experience.

Why take a learn to drive holiday in Lismore? Simple: there's nowhere better in Australia!

Come: take a learn to drive holiday in, enjoy and have FUN in- our beautiful, gorgeous and lovely Lismore!

With best wishes,


* the controversial views herein are presented simply for your information; their presentation is not to imply their endorsement by 'Driving School Getaway' or 'Professional Driving Consultancy'.